Girls driven by curiosity are never bored. They see the world as an endless string of mysteries waiting to be explored.
— Cristal Glangchai, PhD in Venture Girls
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Remember your experience playing with LEGO blocks as a kid? The thrill of the hunt for the perfect piece, and the joy in finding it! The soul-nourishing happiness of presenting your works to anyone who’d listen.

Without knowing it, you were self-teaching STEM skills. Your building projects exposed you to the fundamentals of physics, of architecture, of mathematics. To you this was simple playtime, but to girls in the developing world, LEGO play is a luxury… an indulgence.

And many girls are doubly removed from LEGO joy: First by their limited availability, and second because LEGO blocks are considered “boys toys.”


The PeaceBrix team is about creating a better world for girls. We know this won’t happen over night, but we believe we’ll help make significant change for the lives of girls and young women if we stay true to our mission.

We exist to put LEGO building blocks in the hands of girls and young women around the world. Why? Because positive reinforcement of a child’s creativity and effort during play builds self-esteem.

According to cognitive research, strong self-esteem is a critical component to a girls’ growth-oriented mindset. And a growth-oriented mindset is a foundational cornerstone for activism, entrepreneurialism, service to humanity, social justice…

All the good things that bring positive change and progress in the world.

Photo courtesy of Dave Rosenblum originally published in USA Today.

Photo courtesy of Dave Rosenblum originally published in USA Today.

It’s our goal to combat both of those problems: Put LEGO blocks into the hands of girls who are ready to play, and curate the LEGO sets in such a way that they are of exclusive interest (and enforced ownership) to girls, not boys!

It is our hope that educators, counselors, caregivers, etc. who receive our curated LEGO Sets take our guidelines to heart and encourage creativity, ingenuity, and effort among the girls in their care.