Morton Arboretum LEGO Sculpture Exhibit - 2019

Name a toy that’s as versatile as the LEGO brick. It’s a puzzle, it’s a tool to build creativity, it’s an educational channel, and at the same time, it’s a marvelous art form. Rolling through the self-guided LEGO Sculpture exhibit at the Morton Arboretum today was like stepping through an art museum dedicated to the celebration of nature.

Artist Sean Kenney is actually the world’s first LEGO Certified Professional (of which there are very few in the world), but receives no payment from the LEGO org. Each individual piece of art required hundreds of hours and thousands of bricks — This thrilling installation took close to 5,000 hours and required more than half a million LEGO Bricks. Just imagining how the artist plans each project is fascinating to me. More of Sean’s brilliant LEGO art can be found in his portfolio gallery.

Check out the shots I took today in the gallery below:

Mark Ailsworth