mark ailsworth

As founder and executive director, Mark leads the operations, finance, and supply chain functions of the PeaceBrix organization. Concurrently, Mark operates a sales consulting business called Indigo Holdings, Inc., bringing new enterprise customers to his clients in the marketing industry. He is based in Naperville, IL, just down the street from his two beautiful and talented daughters, Caitlin (21) and Anya (17).

The idea for PeaceBrix came to him after reading Dr. Cristal Glangchai’s outstanding book “Venture Girls” in late 2018. Dr. Glanchai is the founder of VentureLab, which caters to entrepreneurially-minded kids and fosters their natural skills for building innovative product and service ideas, and then launching real businesses around them.

Glanchai posits that “Girls driven by curiosity are never bored. They see the world as an endless string of mysteries waiting to be explored; one question leads to another and another, with knowledge and discovery waiting around every corner. Young women who have been raised with the attitude toward life are likely to develop careers they find continually stimulating; they are self-starters, brimming with creativity, drive, and passion.”

Mark hopes that PeaceBrix can build over time to help girls around the world build self-esteem and adopt a growth mind-set despite challenging conditions and a lack of resources. The mental health of all future generations depend on the success of today’s girls!