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Hand in legos

The PeaceBrix Mission

PeaceBrix's mission is to help evolve a generation of lifelong learners whose fascination with STEM topics and principles knows no bounds. By focusing on the under-resourced of the geographies we serve, we hope to help promising young STEM enthusiasts gain exposure to STEM principles and functions, and become inspired to pursue them as a career focus, or to appreciate them as they pursue any other career as well. To accomplish that mission today, we put repurposed LEGO and lesson plans in the hands of science teachers and allow they and their students to unleash their imaginations.

PeaceBrix Values

CURIOSITY, because the world around us does not improve without asking questions.

INCLUSION, because everyone with sincere ideas should be welcomed.

EDUCATION, because teaching and learning in supportive and fun environments is critical for finding and inspiring STEM enthusiasts.

Image by Xavi Cabrera
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