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Join the PeaceBrix team!

Below are some of the current opportunities for volunteeting with PeaceBrix. If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed or have other ideas for getting involved as a PeaceBrix volunteer, we would love to hear from you!

Short Term Volunteers

  • LEGO Brick acquisition, sorting, and cleaning

  • Package-building and prep for our kids

  • Writing for social media and doing research

  • Handling photos, videos, audio files, and other interactive material that PeaceBrix collects

Long Term Volunteers

  • Marketing: Spreading the message about PeaceBrix is vital. We need more people to learn about our mission

  • Grant Development: Helping PeaceBrix discover, apply, and win grants for building the organization is critical for PeaceBrix's future.

  • Fund-Raising: Discovering donors and securing funding keeps the lights on.

  • Supply Chain Management: Do you know how to help an organization like ours acquire, store, disseminate, and manage supply chains? We need your counsel and oversight.

  • Donation Destination Partnerships: If you have a network inside kids-oriented orgs like schools, NPOs, and youth programming in general, we need your help and guidance.

  • Educational Development: If you're able to develop and edit educational content for STEM purposes at a 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade level.

High Fives

Other Ways To Help

  • Find free or inexpensive LEGO blocks across resale sites

  • Recommend partners for PeaceBrix

  • Evolve new ways to spread the word about PeaceBrix

  • Help find great schools to receive our packages

  • Find, develop, or write new lesson plans for STEM Learning

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