Join the Team



Volunteering for any organization is a good thing, and we’re thrilled by your interest in volunteering for PeaceBrix. We need short-term help for the following types of activities:

  • LEGO Brick acquisition, sorting, and cleaning

  • Hosting and MC’ing PeaceBrix “Block” Parties

  • Package-building and prep for shipping to our recipient partners

  • Writing for social media and doing research

  • Handling photos, videos, audio files, and other interactive material that PeaceBrix collects

LONG-Term volunteers

As a growing organization, PeaceBrix is always looking for awesome people to devote their talents to enhance our mission. While these positions will start as unpaid volunteer roles, they may evolve to paid contract or employee positions:

  • Directors of Operations / Finance / Marketing

  • Director of Volunteer Management

  • Director of Donor Relations

  • Director of Communications

  • Copywriters / Graphic Artists

  • Analysts



PeaceBrix needs volunteers to help us at all stages of the LEGO Set supply chain. Here are the typical steps to getting a shipment of Legos out the door and on their way to our girls:

  1. Find LEGO blocks… usually on resale websites like OfferUp, Craigslist, LetGo and others.

  2. Negotiate to acquire the LEGOs at a reasonable rate per pound, or to receive as many LEGOs as possible as donations.

  3. Acquire the LEGOs, sort them, clean them, and organize them, since many pieces come from designer sets and are specially made and are not relevant for our girls.

  4. Prep the LEGOs for shipping to our Donation Destinations, or for “Block” Parties, whichever comes first.

  5. Host a PeaceBrix block party, where individual groups at churches and schools and even corporations get together and have fun building their own creations that will be placed into our Donation Destination boxes.

What If I HAVE Resources to share?

Instead of committing time, consider offering some resources. LEGO brick lots and Monetary donations are always helpful, but PeaceBrix would love your help in any of the following areas:

  • Ideas for LEGO-building projects

  • Fund-raising concepts and opportunities

  • Great research that connects girls’ playtime activity with STEM skill-building evidence

  • Writing for grants

  • Marketing consulting and effective donor data management

  • Innovative ways to build revenue for non-profit corporations

  • Self-produced work (such as primary or secondary research, whitepapers, literature reviews, etc.) on child cognition and the science of learning, especially for girls

  • Recommendations for Donation Destinations with which you are personally connected (such as schools, churches, education and support centers) in the developing world