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​Volunteering for PeaceBrix is a great way to add to your resume while helping kids learn STEM. Based on your energy, your previous experience, or your experience-earning goals, you'll find a volunteer opportunity that will be rewarding and fulfilling. Please click here for more information about volunteering.


Our Sponsors are among our biggest heroes. As a sponsor, you'll get to have your name front and center across the packaging of our PeaceBrix LEGO boxes. In addition to the satisfaction and notoriety of enabling STEM learning for very deserving kids, you will also benefit from great brand visibility across our social media platform. Please click here for more information on sponsoring.

Image by Yulia Matvienko


Partners to PeaceBrix run the gamut from kid-focused non-profits, to STEM learning thought leaders, to CEOs of big brands with education mission, and everyone in between. We're always interested in learning about ways to work more closely with members of the STEM community no matter what their objective. Please click here for more information on partnering with PeaceBrix.


PeaceBrix loves our donors! Given the unique nature of our charter, the word "donor" refers to much more than financial and in-kind donations. We accept your gently used LEGO bricks, too. For details on how to set up a pickup or dropoff, please click here.

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