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Image by Iker Urteaga


Sponsor a Project Day

Becoming a sponsor of a PeaceBrix project is a great way to show the community how sincere your commitment to supporting STEM learning among kids really is. As a sponsor, you'll benefit from the visibility that coverage of the project will generate on social media and other channels. In addition to entitlement of the materials we use in the project, you will also share in media rights to the photos and videos we create.


Sponsorship Overview

For additional information regarding sponsoring a PeaceBrix program,

please click here to get in touch.

Image by Andrew Hutchings

Media Rights

PeaceBrix takes responsibility for securing all media rights of photos and videos captured during a sponsored program day.

Smiling Kids


  • The joy of enabling kids to experience the intrigue and fascination of STEM

  • Visibility across social media of your support and participation in STEM programs for kids

  • A memorable experience in helping kids



The cost to sponsor a PeaceBrix program varies depending on the total number of kids and the overall logistical commitment.

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